Lighting technology

UOMZ has developed a product line (lamps, road signs, information signs and other devices) with the use of Light emitting diodes, allowing to achieve a significant reduction in energy consumption and maintenance costs. In parallel, the production of lighting devices based on highly efficient light-emitting phosphors manufactured using nanotechnology is also developing. In comparison with products based on light-emitting LEDs, they have high radiating characteristics, long service life and competitive cost.

UOMZ conducts research and development to create an innovative  ultra-thin street lamp with effective heat dissipation. A promising area for UOMZ in the field of lighting technology is the creation of solar-powered devices. Developments in this field, such as designer landscape lighting, traffic management in emergency sections of roads, non-electrified routes, household and street lighting will be an ideal solution for regions with high insulation and in areas without electrical communications.