Oxygen preparation unit

Oxygen preparation unit 

Humidification and adjustment of consumption of oxygen supplied to the patients with spontaneous breath. Oxygen therapy is an important stage for rendering of medical help to the people with respiratory insufficiency.



  • intended for oxygen therapy of infants and adults
  • to be used in open breath systems: with nasal cannulas, masks, oxygen tents
  • compatible with stationary oxygen manifolds, oxygen balloons, oxygen concentrators
  • variability of connection to the oxygen supply system of various manufacturers: using the nipple or flexible hose with nipple
  • the components of humidifier are made from particular durable materials

Efficient humidification 

  • Flexible adjustment of oxygen supply rate is made by rotating the handle on the rotameter scale
  • Humidification is reached by passing oxygen through distilled water layer


  • Protective valve in the product composition prevents from excessive pressure
  • Noiseless operation of the device ensures comfort for the patients
  • The device is resistant to multiple disinfection

Technical specifications

Range of oxygen consumption adjustment
from 0 to 15 l/min
Product efficiency in operation range
not less than 10 mg/l
Product operability in the range of output pressures
from 280 to 600 kPа
Maximum pressure in humidification chamber
not more than 200 mbar
Maximum temperature of supplied gas
not more than 37 °С
Volume of humidifier chamberя
230 ml
Admissible levels of fluid:
  • minimal
  • maximal
70 ml
120 ml
Overall dimensions and weight
Size (HxWxL)
310х95х85 mm
1 kg
Service life
Service life3 years
Delivery set
Nipple for connection through hose to the oxygen sourceAdditional
Nipple for direct connection to medical console as per standard DINAdditional
Nipple for connection to oxygen reducer or old sample of manifoldAdditional
Captive nutAdditional
Bracket for installation into neonatal table «SNО», incubator for neonates IDN-02Additional
*At the request of the customer, it is possible to complecte the product with other accessories