Mounting, disassembly and restoration of microcircuits BGA leads

Convection station for mounting and disassembly of BGA/CSP

X-raying control system (X-Ray)

Possibilities of the equipment:

  • disassembly/mounting of electronic components in BGA bodies is perfomed using a Convection station for mounting and disassembly of BGA/CSP, which has a heater with increased power and it is able to operate with boards of bigger size within 622x622 mm. Accurate motorized system of head movement decreases amount of installation errors at mounting and disassembly. Control is carried out by a joy-stick with long-term speed variation. Amount of checking thermocouples is increased to 5 pieces; it gives a broader picture of board, component and ball leads heating;
  • restoration of BGA microcircuits leads (balls from 0.2 mm to 0,76 mm; both leaded and nonleaded);
  • mounting of electronic components in BGA bodies on printed circuit boards which already contain other elements;
  • separate board heater with two independent zones for quicker and safe heating;
  • accurate temperature control in critically important points;
  • X-ray control of components soldering quality in BGA bodies is perfomed using X-raying control system (X-Ray), which allows to carry out an accurate X-ray control of electronic components mounting quality in BGA bodies (with report provision).

Restoration of components BGA ball leads, or BGA reballing, is a process of ball leads array reconstruction on the component body low side instead of damaged at operation of its disassembly. For the great majority of electronic components in bodies of BGA type, disassembly operation irreversibly damages its leads and their restoration becomes a necessary procedure if this electronic component is suggested to be applied again. 

Reballing operation can be a part of   repair technical process or assemblies restoration. It is required in the following cases:

If expensive components are used, rejection of which at disassembly with printed circuit board will lead to unreasonable high costs, unprofitability of single new electronic components order or their piece batch.

In case of absence of this component on the enterprise due to different reasons at the moment of repair carrying at necessity to repair the printed circuit beard quickly. 

For replacement of nonleaded ball leads by tin-lead ones to avoid the so-called “mixed technology”.