UOMZ provides services in the production direction of the enterprise.

Machining site of the plant is equipped with modern machine tools with numerical program control, which allows high-speed 5-axis machining of parts up to 2500 kg and dimensions up to 1600x1250x1000 mm, turning parts with a diameter of up to 1500 mm, as well as parts made of solid materials up to 450x580x400 mm and weighing up to 600 kg.

In the Optical Production of JSC “PA “UOMP” various optical parts are manufactured: plates, prisms, lenses and others, including parts having aspherical surfaces, and parts having high radiation strength. Molding, grinding and polishing of optical parts is performed on modern precision numerical control machines using diamond tools. To obtain the required properties of parts in modern vacuum plants, optical coatings for various purposes are applied, including: antireflective, current-conducting, polarizing, mirror, beam-splitting, narrow-band filters and others.

Optical manufacturing also performs the production of precision optical scales by the method of reverse photolithography on modern equipment placed in clean rooms: circular optical scales (limbs), grids, linear scales, test tables, etc., which are used in geodetic instruments, special purpose products, control and adjustment equipment, etc. The photomasks of the optical scales are created using a laser image generator, also located in a clean room.

To control optical parts, modern instruments are used, including spectrophotometers, interferometers, goniometers, polariscopes, special stands.

Automated electronic production manufactures electronic components on printed circuit boards using automated test equipment. On the surface mounting line, automated surface mounting (SMT technology), assembly of components with ball leads (BGA), fine pitch components (FPT-technology). The line is fully adapted to the implementation of lead-free technology. The production capacity of the site is up to 6,000 comp / hour.

In the Foundry Production of UOMZ pressure molding is performed by the following directions: casting from aluminum, copper and zinc alloys (the range of molded parts includes more than 2,000 items, possible dimensions of castings vary from 5 × 5 × 2 mm to 150 × 200 × 450 mm, and weight - from 0,001 to 3,5 kg); casting on waxed models from nonferrous and black alloys (the range of cast parts is about 2,000 titles, dimensions of castings:from 0.005 to 40 kg); casting with back pressure in ceramic molds to produce hermetically sealed, thin-walled castings of stable quality; casting under low pressure to produce large-sized thin-walled castings weighing up to 12 kg, with a maximum dimensions of 700 × 350 × 250 mm; casting on burned models into gypsum molds to produce complex thin-walled castings weighing from 5 g to 15 kg.

The Assembly Production of the enterprise is equipped with modern electrical installation equipment: mounting tables, soldering stations and local air cleaning units, which ensure high efficiency of installation works.

The laser cutting site of UOMZ is equipped with a modern laser installation, which allows cutting of metals of different thicknesses: aluminum up to 8 mm; stainless steel up to - 10 mm; black steel - up to 20 mm. Modern prototyping technologies at the laser synthesis plant are an integral part of the end-to-end computer-aided design and provide for the production of prototypes, small-series instruments, shortening the cycle of progressive blanks manufacturing for up to 20 days.

The laser synthesis plant provides for the possibility of manufacturing: product prototypes to test for the collection and conduct of the functional tests; single models for casting complex body parts of high accuracy and density; molding liners of molds, which halves the time frame for the production of equipment; functional prototypes and ready-to-use plastic parts.

The testing laboratory  of UOMZ carries out mechanical and climatic tests, multiple and single impacts, linear acceleration, exposure to solar radiation, high humidity, as well as static and dynamic dust tests, atmospheric pressure, electric insulation strength in accordance with the field of certification. All the equipment of the stands passed verification and attestation in the authorized bodies.

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