Services and Costs

The cost of services is calculated individually

Machining of parts:

  • treatment of spherical lenses up to 500 mm in diameter;
  • processing of flat optics (prisms, plates) with a radius of the described circumference up to 500 mm;
  • machining of axially symmetric aspherical surfaces up to 200 mm in diameter;
  • processing of cowlings.

Coating Application:

  • antireflective, for a given wavelength or achromatic for different ranges in the UV, visible and IR spectral regions;
  • mirror, based on metal films: aluminum, silver and copper with multi-layer protection, reinforced for a given spectrum area;
  • beam-splitting, low-depending on the polarization of the incident radiation based on metal films: copper, chromium and nickel for a given t or a ratio ρ:t;
  • beam-splitting, spectrographic, polarizing and mirror dielectric coatings, including those with high beam strength, with the possibility of forming a given topology by photolithography;
  • "Sun-blind" ultraviolet filters with a deep background suppression t <10-6 for the λ = 310 ... 1000 nm range;
  • filtering coatings that do not require gluing, deposited by electron beam ion assisted deposition;
  • protective-antireflective coating of silicon dioxide with uniform thickness is not worse than 10% for spherical parts made of sapphire;
  • protective-antireflective diamond-like coating for optical parts made of germanium and silicon, with uniform thickness not worse than ± 3%;

Topology application to the surface:

  • the photomask formation;
  • the formation of a pattern on a part by the photolithography method;

Assembly operations:

  • assembly of bulk lenses;
  • assembly of body parts;
  • gluing in the frame;
  • gluing of individual optical components;
  • sintering of metal-glass elements.